Saturday, June 9, 2007

Another wet June day....and boredom sets in. I've got stuff to do, but am lacking the necessary oomph to drive me to action. There is calculus to review over the summer, furniture to arrange, a shelf to hang, dishes to wash (laundry too), vacuuming and tidying to be done - but all I really want to do is curl up with a good science fiction novel and snooze. Coffee....I need coffee.....preferably in a pure form.

Bit by bit, I've been redoing my bathroom - it's a small space that was filled with clunky retro-70's oak. Since it was from the 70's most of the finishes were pretty well shot. It was dark and impossible to clean (bathrooms are one room that must be scrubbable) . The first thing to go was the oak toilet seat, then the oak towel bars that were not only screwed to the wall, but glued as well (what a pain). A medicine chest that was too big for the space was replaced with an oval mirror. I filled the holes from the old fixtures and painted everything white, including the old vanity. I also replaced the mis-matched knobs with brushed chrome and put up a hook for a robe and a single towel ring. Everything matches. Then, last week, someone at work was selling the shelf I'd been looking at buying, instead of over $100.00, I picked it up for $15.

Well - off to work.

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