Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday, Monday

It's the first Monday in quite some time where I haven't had to drag myself out of bed and to work. I love my job, I do. But it's nice to be typing at the kitchen table with slightly-dated rock and roll playing in the background. Peaceful y'know. Our house lives out in the country, with older, somewhat neglected landscaping. Nothing pretentious, gnarly old apple trees, grapes that wrestle with the blackberries for dominance (with a little help from me and my pruning shears), rhodies, volunteer roses and asian plums. We didn't get any plums this year - the neighborhood raccoon swiped them all just as they were getting ripe. I don't mind, I'd much rather a vegetarian raccoon feasting on plums than a omnivore getting into the garbage and threatening the cats.

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