Saturday, September 29, 2007

Another Saturday....

Homework - gotta love it. Today I'm trying to refresh my memory regarding rationals, radicals and roots. Sounds like a lawfirm doesn't it? The firm of Rational, Radical and Root, specializing in tax shelters and corporate law. Hmmmm....wonder if they can set up a trust. Maybe I should do a Leona Helmsley and leave my vast fortune to the cats.
This is Gatto (a little unimaginative, I know) -he came with the name and any attempt to change it has been met with supreme indifference. Indifference describes him very well as a matter of fact. He's currently curled up on the sofa snoring. Loudly. Imagine how hard it is to stay motivated when you are sharing the room with someone so intensely asleep.
I should mention that although he technically belongs to Annika - he feels he's above the whole ownership thing. He treats all of us as staff, when he decides to notice us at all.
Oh well, enough of a break - back to work. Wish me luck.

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