Thursday, December 6, 2007

Snow, rain, knots and beads

It's done - the book was sent off to the publisher on Saturday - in a snowstorm. Ya for us. Mostly for Annika, she's lived in a cave downstairs cranking out macrame at an amazing rate. The number of beautiful and truly unique projects that emerged from her nimble fingers is amazing.
All I had to do was wrestle with Windows Vista to get Adobe Illustrator to behave and draw over 40 diagrams of the knots. Piece of cake right? Not so much - Vista does not play well with others - I installed and uninstalled and reinstalled, navigated around the blue screen of death, and eventually dumped as much as possible off my brand-new laptop(say goodbye to all my purchased music), just to get Illustrator running. So in the next week or so I'll be shipping my computer off to the local guru to be downgraded - NT here I come.
In the mean time I'm getting ready for Christmas, trying to figure what to get the roommate who has everything, the niece who needs everything and the niecle (Rosie) who wants everything (as all six-year-olds do). I'm so not used to buying for girlie-girls.
Non-Christmas purchases are easy I found couple of cute outfits for Rosie at Goodwill this morning - she's growing like a weed, like most of the kids in my family, long and lean.
I also found a couple of treasures for myself - a raincoat, black wool skirt and purse. I'm headed off to Andover Mass, in a couple of weeks for a business trip, so must look professional. And warm.

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